Current State of Casino Game Tournaments

Current State of Casino Game Tournaments

September 18, 2017 Blog 0

Last month, the Vegas Technology br casinos all decided to stop accepting new players from the United States. There were two main groups that I have highlighted on this website that will no longer be relevant: the group that includes Online Vegas Gr Vegas the group that includes English Harbour Slots Galore.

If you are a current member of Online Vegas or Gr Vegas, you will still be allowed to play in the different tournaments that are offered. However, even the current players from the U.S. with an account at English Harbour or Slots Galore will be unable to access the real money section of the casino (which is necessary to get to the tournament section).

The part I don’t like is that Vegas Tech had most of the good casino game tournaments other than the slot machines. I’m going to have a hard time finding replacements for the roulette video poker tournaments.

The State of Online Casino Tournaments for U.S. Players

Traditionally, there haven’t been too many other casino software platforms that have an extensive selection of casino game tournaments. Several of the software providers have tournaments for online slots, but that’s all. That includes several online casinos that use Real Time Gaming software.

Not all RTG casinos will offer a slot tournament for you to play in. There are only a couple of these RTG casinos that have an audience of players in these slot tournaments (more than 50 people).

The following RTG casinos have popular slot machine tournaments: Club World Casino, Rushmore Casino, Cool Cat Casino Silver Oak Casino.

coolcat casino slots tournaments1 Current State of Casino Game Tournaments

Here is what a sample online slot tournament lobby will look like at an RTG casino. The lobby above is from Cool Cat casino. All you would need to do is click on the tournament that you would like to join press the Register button. After that, just click the Play button after the tournament has officially begun.

silver oak slots tournament Current State of Casino Game Tournaments

Here is what the RTG slot tournament will look like. You will start off with a beginning credit amount. Once you bet the credits, they are gone. The winnings from each spin will be added to your Score. You will only have a certain amount of time to make these spins. Either your credits will run out or your time will run out. Then, the tournament is over for you your score will be final.

Other Casino Game Tournaments

BetUS still offers several non-slots tournaments that most players will be able to participate in. They offer a daily blackjack tournament with buy-ins between $5 $20.

You will also find a $10 Video Poker tournament every Tuesday, a $10 3-card Stud Tournament every Wednesday a $10 Roulette Tournament every Saturday. You won’t find many people advertising for BetUS anymore, however, since they have decided to become more shady in their business practices. These tournaments are fine to play in; but I wouldn’t bet any money in their regular casino anymore.

Blackjack Tournaments

If you would like to play in a blackjack tournament, let me suggest that you play at a casino that uses the 21Gnet casino software, such as 5dimes. This software is only available in a flash version (needs to be played from the web browser).

Unlike the blackjack tournaments that are offered at English Harbour BetUS, you are actually playing at an online blackjack table with other players. The goal of these tournaments is to advance to the next round by finishing with more chips than your opponents at the table.

h1 Current State of Casino Game Tournaments

There will be a certain number of hs to be played depending upon the number of players participating a certain number of rounds to advance before you have a chance to win the blackjack tournament. You will need to employ a good blackjack tournament strategy in order to win.

Which Tournaments You Shouldn’t Play

Sometimes you will see an online casino that is offering casino game tournaments. The “tournament” may just be a race to see who can bet the most money on a casino game in a given amount of time. The prizes for these tournaments often don’t equal the risk of betting a high amount of your own money.