Holiday Feast Slot Tournaments (USED –

Holiday Feast Slot Tournaments (USED –

May 18, 2018 Blog 0

Are you ready to play in an online slot tournament? These tournaments are fun cheap to play in. Slots Galore will be hosting a series of 4 week-long rounds of slot tournaments. If you want to play in any of these tournaments, click here to download Slots Galore’s software or you can play a flash version on your web browser.

The first round is about to start this Sunday, November 5 at just past midnight runs until the following Saturday just before midnight. Now the only prize pool for this tournament is broken down by percentage of the total in the pot from buy-ins with the winner getting 25% of the money.

Don’t worry though, the top 200 players will win a cash prize for each of the four tournaments. Also, any player in the money in any of these tournaments will receive a free entry into the 2011 January Showdown which I will explain the details to below.

Holiday Feast Round 1

Here is the tournament details for the first week of the Holiday Feast that starts this Sunday:

The tournament entry fee is $5.00 you will start with $500 in your starting balance. If you bust out of the tournament, you can rebuy for $10 you will receive an additional $500 in your balance.

The goal of this tournament is to have the largest balance when the tournament ends. After the tournament gets started, you can see your progress by viewing the Leaderboard, which is located in the Tournament Lobby on the bottom right part of the screen.

If you have never played in a slot tournament before, don’t worry because it isn’t that difficult. If you underst the overall concept of video slot machines then you have a big head start.

Quick Overview of Video Slots

Most video slots are relatively the same, but they all have key differences from one another. Obviously the icons will be different between the different slot machines, but there are also features like bonus rounds free spins that can be won.

That being said, lets take a look at the feature slot for the upcoming tournament – Fat Cat.

fat cat slots Holiday Feast Slot Tournaments

There are a total of 20 paylines that you can bet on. You don’t have to bet on all of the Lines, but you can only decrease the number of lines bet on; you can’t pick choose which lines you want to bet on.

Your Bet is how much you are going to bet on each single payline. As you can see, betting a quarter on each of the 20 lines means that I am betting a total of $5.

Paylines win left to right by matching icons. I chose this example on purpose because the Cat icon is a wild card or substitute; most video slots have a substitute icon. The other special icon is called a Scatter; you can win with two or more of the Scatter Dollar Signs anywhere on the screen. If you are ever confused by the game you are playing, click the Paytable button to view the rules.

The payline shown above only won because you only need one of the Cats in a row (or one on the 1st reel to the left) in order to win. In general, most symbols in video slots need 3 matching in order to win. Some only need 2 matching to win, that’s why you need to view the Paytables.

You can win on multiple paylines, most of the times this is how you win money on a spin. Winning one payline on a Max Bet means that you usually didn’t break even on the overall bet. A Max Bet simply means automatically betting on all available lines.

You can also use the Autoplay feature set up your own parameters for betting. You can play 500 spins in a row set the autoplay to stop once you’ve won or lost a certain amount of money.

Bonus Game

Fat Cat also has a surprise bonus game when you get three of the Dollars Sign Scatters. You don’t have to actively participate; you only select all 8 bags of money you see.

fat cat bonus slots Holiday Feast Slot Tournaments

The one thing that you will notice is that the prizes are all a multiple of the total bet. This means the more you bet when you got the bonus round, the larger the prize in each bag. Holiday feast slots galore Holiday Feast Slot Tournaments

2011 January Showdown

The 2011 January Showdown is a Free tournament with a $50,000 gr prize! This slot tournament is by invite only you can only enter this tournament if you finish in the top 200 of one of the four Holiday Feast slot tournaments.

That means that this freeroll will only be available to a maximum of 800 people.

This is where it gets kind of crazy. The 800 participants of this slots freeroll are all going to be fighting for first place – $50,000 winner takes all.

The feature game for this tournament is California Gold slots. The tournament will start on Monday, January 3rd at Noon Eastern Time will end on Sunday, January 9th just before midnight.

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