More Online Casino Tournaments

More Online Casino Tournaments

February 18, 2018 Blog 0

Want to try playing in a popular online slots tournament for free? Well you can get $30 for free to try playing in one of Cool Cat Casino’s two daily slot tournaments.

These online gambling tournaments have been gaining in popularity over the past month. The two daily tournaments both have close to 150 participants per day each.

The first daily tournament has an entry of $5.50 ($5 for the tournament, 50 cents is the tournament fee). The winner of this tournament yesterday won $225 the top 3 places paid more than $100! The top 18 places were paid at least $8.

The second daily slot tournament has an entry fee of $11 ($10 for tournament, $1 for tourney fee). Yesterday’s winner took down a cool $415 the top 5 players all took home over $100! The top 12 players got paid (10th – 12th received $25).

Getting $30 Free Tournament Chip

coolcat redeem coupon More Online Casino TournamentsYou will need to download Cool Cat Casino’s software if you want to get the $30 Free Chip.

After you install the casino software create an account, you will need to go to the casino Cashier click on the Redeem Coupon tab. You will see a screen similar to the picture on the left.

Enter the Coupon Code TOURNAMENTCHIP click the Redeem button. You will automatically have $30 in your account. This money can only be used on the slot tournaments (click on the Tournaments button under the Cashier button in the lobby)

coolcat slot tournaments More Online Casino Tournaments

Simply click on the tournament that you would like to play in press the Register button. You will be asked to use money from your account; click OK to accept. If this slot tournament lobby looks familiar to you, it is because many online casino sites use the RTG tournament software.

The important pieces of information that you have to be aware of is your Credits you Playtime. This tournament is a timed tournament only lasts a certain amount of time. You may have between 15 minutes 45 minutes in playtime.

Each time you make a spin, you are up the amount of Credits that you have. Once you bet the credits, you cannot win them back. Any winnings you get for the spin will go into your Score. You will receive between 15,000 45,000 credits; this usually means you will want to bet 1,000 credits per minute.

Here are the basic objectives of playing in one of these two slot tournaments:

1) Don’t run out of Credits too early!

2) Don’t leave Credits unused because you ran out of Playtime!

3) Spin with the Maximum Bet allowable when you can (usually $100).

4) Hit every Bonus Round/Free Spins with the maximum bet!

It will take time to play through your Free Spins (usually about a minute or so). This will give you more spins at the max bet because it will cause you to run behind your schedule. If you have 8 minutes 10,000 credits left, you will want to bet $100 spins until you get to 4 minutes 4,000 credits left; that is 60 spins at $100 over a 4 minute span.

I have found that you can usually average about 15 spins per minute. If you bet every one of them at $100 don’t receive a Bonus Round, you will run out several minutes early. Pace yourself; drop the bet down to $20 or $25 hope you don’t hit a big payout or bonus round at the lower bet